Sugar Pop Slots

Enter the magical sweet lot of Sugar Pop Slots, a five-reel video slot game with a unique payline full of treats and fantastic features that has been developed by Betsoft gaming. The game not only stands out for it's amazing graphics and animations, but for its distinctive game rules. Play Sugar Pop Slots for real money or free credits from your home PC or on the go from any mobile (iOS or Android) device.

Sweet Like Candy

Sugar Pop Slots, as the title well states, is a sweet candy themed video slot game that will have you craving sugar all day long! The game's background is a pastel coloured cotton candy paradise and on the reels the player will encounter various yummy looking symbols such as Cotton Candy, Candy Canes, Chocolate Treats and Sugar Sweets.

Poppin' Features

The game consists in a 5x5 layout of different coloured candy, that will automatically pop when three or more matching candies line up either direction. When four or more matching candies line up, special candies are formed.

During each game you play, points will be added depending on how many candy you are popping and once you reach the end of the meter that you´ll see on the right corner you will pass to the next level of the game. There are a total of five candy worlds with thirty levels in each world.

Sugar Pop Slots also includes special candy features to make the game even more fun! If four of the same colour match up, the candy will transform into a super color symbol, and if this super color matches with candies of the same colour before you spin the reels, there will be an added multiplier. And if that doesn´t sound sweet enough, if five matching colours occur, it will transform into a colour bomb that will explode every single symbol of the same colour on the reels if it forms a matching combination before you spin.

Treat Yourself From Any Device

Sugar Pop mobile slots is available to play without download on any of your devices including iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as all Android smartphones and tablets, offering you HD quality 3D animations, graphics and sound effects to make the experience truly magical and enjoyable. But don't forget you can also instantly play from any browser of your choice as the game has been fully optimized to enjoy from every possible device.

Spin It and Crush It

Sugar Pop Slots is a perfect game for those players seeking a combination of a slot game and a regular video game, as it's been carefully thought out to please both worlds. This user-friendly game has been adapted for all types of players, so whether you like the thrill of betting real money or you are more of a spinner for fun, Sugar Pop Slots offers you the choice to do both! The game also includes quite a wide coin range starting with a minimum coin size of $0.02 up to $1.00. In conclusion if you enjoyed the popular game "Candy Crush'' then you must give Sugar Pop Slots a try, you won't regret it.