BetOnline Free Play

When you play in the sportsbook for the first time, demo play is the best way to explore the betting options and features without risk. Learn about the benefits of BetOnline free play when you're betting for the first time.

How Does Free Play Work?

Free play bonuses are credited to your account by the casino. It's not in your cash balance, it's a special credit you can use to place wagers on qualifying games. BetOnline emails or messages you when free play is available and added to your account.

What Games Are Available for Free Play?

Not every game is available for free play bonuses. There are 10 games that qualify for free play bets. They include baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, MMA, NASCAR, soccer, and tennis. If you're using free play bonuses on certain games, additional rules apply.

  • Baseball and Hockey - Max odds of +150 on money lines and totals, handle only contributes 50% to the rollover requirements, and max wagers of $500 per event
  • Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Tennis - Max odds of +150 on money lines and totals
  • Boxing and MMA - Max odds of -200 for the favorite and +150 for the underdog and money line bets only
  • Golf - Max odds of +150 on money line match-ups
  • NASCAR - Max odds of +150 on money line match-ups

Those are the sports-related rules. You cannot use BetOnline free play for futures, ifs, live, parlays, props, or teasers. If there is a push or tie, the free play loses. You cannot use free play when placing call center bets. Max winnings are restricted to $5,000, including cumulative winnings.

The final thing to note is that free play promo codes are not allowed in many countries in Europe and Asia. Check the list of prohibited countries in the free play rules.

What Are the Advantages?

Whether you're new to the casino or have been betting on sports for a while, BetOnline free play makes it easy to place risk-free wagers on your favorite teams or players. These free bets have a lot of rules, but they do allow you to make small bets without risk.

Narrow down your favorite types of bets and then play those with the bonuses and deposits you get as a sportsbook member. Once you've gained confidence using free play, you'll have the knowledge needed to keep going.

Plus, free play enables you to become accustomed to the betting structure, settings, rules, and options. You'll find it's easier to play for real money if you already know the rules and where the different betting options are.