Take Olympus Slots

Take Olympus Slots is a five-reel video slot game based around Ancient Greece that comes full of surprises, developed by the very talented workers over at Betsoft gaming. The game includes a series of different bonus rounds that serves up for a highly entertaining spinning session which can be played from your home PC or any mobile (iOS or Android) device, with the choice of betting with free credits or real money.

Enter the Home of the Gods

Take Olympus Slots is a video slot game with amazing visuals inspired by Greek Mythology, therefore the game's background is of course based on the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus. And on the reels you will obviously come across many symbols that are in perfect relation to the games theme such as a Bow and Arrow, Apollo the god of archery, Poseidon the god of the sea, Hades the god of the underworld, Aphrodite the goddess of love, Zeus the god of the sky, a Trident, a Cerberus, Lightning and a Leaf. Of course some symbols have more value than others, so keep reading to find out which ones to look out for.

Powerful Features

The game has many bonus rounds to offer which makes it that much more exciting and enjoyable. Firstly, the game has a ten spin God Cycles during which the powers of the tenth God you land on will activate a special bonus round.

If you land on Apollo you will trigger the Archer of the Wild Feature, in which five or more wilds will appear on the reals. If you land on Aphrodite, the Spreading Pleasure Feature will be activated, in which leaf symbols will transform into mystery boxes. If you land on Hades, the Wrath of Abundance Feature will be triggered and you will be awarded with multipliers. And lastly, if you land on Poseidon, the Waters of Chaos Feature is activated and you will receive as many free spins as trident symbols you landed on.

Zeus represents the wild symbol in the game and can steal any other gods powers.

Travel to Ancient Greece from Any Device

Take Olympus mobile slots is available to play from all different platforms and devices including iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as all Android smartphones and tablets. Take Olympus mobile slots has been well adapted allowing the player to enjoy on the go or from the comfort of his own home as all the powerful features are available on any device for free. Don´t worry about missing out on any God cycles as the app has been fully adapted, making spinning easy from anywhere you are with fantastic HD quality graphics and sound effects.

Zeus Rules You to Spin

Take Olympus Slots is a highly entertaining and unique video slot game that will have you spinning the five reels all day long! The game is well suited for all kinds of players as it offers a wide coin range with a maximum bet of up to $10 per spin. So whether you are just getting into video slot games or you are a more experienced player, there's no doubt that you will enjoy the power of the Greek Gods. Remember you can always instant play with free credits before betting with real money.