Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots is definitely one of Betsoft's best video slot games in terms of graphics and animations. The adventure inspired game serves up everything a player wishes for an intense and exciting spinning session that will have you hooked from whichever device you may be playing from whether it's from your home PC or mobile device (iOS or Android). You can instant play Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots with free credits or real money as the game offers its players either choice.

Join the Mission

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots is an adventure-themed video slot game where the player will find himself immersed in the depths of the jungle were he will come across various enemies which you will have to fight of with weapons such as a Carnivorous Ant, a Skullbreaker, a Primal King, a Stone Guardian and a Spider Queen. Not all enemies have the same value as the deadliest ones offer higher payouts than the others.

Enemy Killing Features

The first thing the player will have to do before commencing the game is choosing a room which depending on the bullets you select it varies the price. Next, the player will proceed to select his hero based on different characteristics. The player's mission is to complete the different quests that will be assigned by killing the various enemies he will encounter by shooting and defeating them. The player will be awarded with XP when he defeats the enemies that will move him up a level, each level being more difficult than the last.

Be a Hero On Any Device

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon mobile slots is available to play without download on any of your devices including iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as all Android smartphones and tablets, offering top quality animations, graphics and sound effects to make the experience truly enjoyable. But don't forget you can also instantly play from any browser of your choice as the game has been adapted to every possible device.

Ready To Kill?

If you are seeking a unique video slot machine, Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots is the game for you as it has been designed more like a video game which has made it gain popularity all across the internet. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a more experienced slot player as it only takes a couple rounds to get the jist of the game, which will then become pure fun. Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots includes a wide coin range, as well as a jackpot of up to 6,000x with an RTP of 97.50%. So wait no longer and join the jungle fun from any device!